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julie ruin

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come on and do it... [Jun. 11th, 2004|04:38 pm]
julie ruin
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |spice girls~denying[hehehehehe woop woop]]

hahaha well im here at zailasitas house lounging around like the GRADUATED bums we are! mwahahahah finally!! good riddance fucking high school. finally!!! were outta there! im so proud of all my friends!

my stupid comp is acting gay...and not the good kind of gay either....bah!!!

heheh were listening to spice girls now and being lame..hehehehehe...oooo zaila got hickies from her necklace....hehehehe yeah right,,,,hhehehehehehehe

woop woop!!!!!

im outtie,.,hehehehehe
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runaway [May. 28th, 2004|01:18 pm]
julie ruin
[mood |morosemorose]
[music |runaway~the adicts]


I hear people talk
I see people walk
They seem so out of touch
I wanna get away so much
All the clockwork toys
Are making too much noise
It's the machinery
It's breaking down O' can't you see

Run runaway with me

The picture doesn't change
It's just a frozen frame
I wanna break the ice
I wanna go to paradise
There is nowhere to hide
I'll take you for a ride
But not if you kiss and tell
I don't mean on a carousel
One day I'm
To say my
Three wishes come true
Till then I pretend I'm
Escaping with you
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YUP [May. 14th, 2004|09:50 am]
julie ruin
kinda like a cloud i was up way up in the sky.
and i was feeling some feelings you wouldn't believe.
sometimes i don't believe them myself and i decided i was never coming down
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hell yeah! [May. 6th, 2004|01:06 pm]
julie ruin
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |right here in my arms~HIM]

mwahahaha today at precisely 4:00pm i will be picked up from my home and i will be taken to the glasshouse in pomona,ca. i will be standing in line with my love waiting to see one of the greatest bands ever. everything will be perfect today.he deserves it. he deserves everything i can and want to give him.

i want something so good it has to be true.
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pillbox tales [May. 3rd, 2004|01:24 pm]
julie ruin
[mood |energeticenergetic]
[music |catch~the cure]

anywho.we did it.we won. so weird yet awesome. im so happy/this weekend was really le awesome. first, friday was the whole shindig ..aka talent show. then i ate at tgi fridays with some friends which was awesome. then satuday during the day i went to pick up my dress for prom [one of them] and then went home.man i was tired.then brian [our drummer]calls me up around 9 to ask if i wanted to hang out with him, walter,jimmy,adrian, javi, and his friend ivan who lives across the street from me. and i said sure and it was to my great suprise that my parents actually let me go out. we hung out at a park drinkin and "whatnot" [i couldn't do the "whatnot" because i have broncitis or however the hell you spell that]hahaha.the guys tried jumping some cone thing that was there and most of them did...even turtle[aka walter]..then it was ivan;s turn. it sucked cuz he fell and then ended up spraining his ankle. then we went to jack in the crack [haha] and i only had a shake cuz i wasnt hungry [i only stole ivans fries hahahaha] we tailgated in the parking lot. it was soooo awesome. hahahha. yup yup. then we went to another park and hung there for a while.we went on the swings and stuff...and me and jimmy played chicken on those rail things...[hahaha i won!!!] actually it was more like tickle chicken fight or something. hahaha......then i got dropped off at home around 2 am. i was tired as hell but i didnt go to sleep around 3 or something.

now the next morning we were all invited by brians dad to go shooting with them. i got up at 6:30 cuz i had to be at brians by 8. adrian called me around 7:45 saying that they had to go to ivans house to pick up something so theyre just gonna pick me up since he lives right across the street. so i go to ivans house as soon as adrian [who sounds really tired..hehe] calls me and tells me theyre there. i get in the car and brian tells me "ivans on crutches now" once ivan walks out of his house, i see him using them....then he looks in the car and decides to "walk it off". brian says "well, now that he knows that yr here, hes gonna act all macho and walk it off".hahahah he did. we go to mcdonalds and get breakfast, go back to brians, eat then leave. SHOOTING WAS AWESOME.hehehehe. then after we go back to brians and his moms not home yet..its only me, brian,adrian, javi,ivan,brians dad and his brother in law. his dad asks us "so do any of you guys want any beer or a few shots of tequila before the warden gets home?" of course the guys want beer. i wanted tequila. i shot my hand up fast and his dad was suprised. "man, yr my kind of woman"he says. so i take it really fast...i finished it before anyone even saw it.hahaha. we watched the tape from the battle of the bands and had some laughs. it was great.i had a few more shots and this time my friend javi joined me. by later on, i was at 6 shots and his dad was really suprised. but i was fine. im glad i had the guys there....they take really good care of me....theyre all like brothers to me. anywho, we play pool and stuff, and adrian falls asleep. then i fall asleep for a while too.angel shows up and then jimmy shows up after. we ate some carne asada [mmmmmm which i missed ever so much] and played more pool afterwards. actually i just watched. cuz i suck at playing pool.hahaha.javi and ivan tried teaching me but i gave up. later on that night, me,jimmy,ivan,brian and javi go to krispy kreme to hang for a while and we all decide that we have to do this again sometime. then jimmy says "awww youre one of us now" and it was so cool cuz everyone agreed.

i guess ill write more later.
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(no subject) [Apr. 27th, 2004|10:01 am]
julie ruin
[mood |nerdynerdy]
[music |love battery/fiction romance~BUZZCOCKS]

damnit. im so happy. so so happy!!! so excited and i just cant hide it! i have the damned battle friday,then the HIM concert then the Volta show the week after then DUN DUN DUN prom!! AHhHhHhh!!!

this year went by fast.

hahahah i just remembered how much i dislike so many people at school, which is probably why i hate being back;certian people ruin it aLl. ehhhh...just like the trip.

i miss my twin!!!!!! booo!! im so glad shes not mad at me!i have so much stuff to give her! from xmas to now! hahaha. then her bdays coming up...so i guess ill just wait to give her all of it as once.hehehehe......

"Dreams that I can realize
Are quite contained within your eyes"
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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2004|10:42 am]
julie ruin
[mood |numbnumb]
[music |star bellied boy~bikini kill;feels blind]

being back home feels weird.

the end.
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IM BAAAAAACCCK!! [Apr. 23rd, 2004|10:11 am]
julie ruin
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |deftones~passenger]

mwahahaha i still dont feel like im here right now. im in class eating burger king [mmmmm] and i dont feel like im here.im just devouring this food like nothing...hahahaha.i feel like a freakin walkign zombie or something~!!!!ahhhh!! hahahahaha its funny cuz i walked into class and everyone was so suprised i even came today....but im a nerd to whats the big suprise?hahaha its so awesome tho. the weather is so awesome here...i missed it.my stupid melo isnt working!!! ahhhhh!!! booo!!!

anyways,the weird thing is i wasnt really that homesick....i kinda was but not that much.i had a blast with my friends;hanging out and whatnot. running around like a bunch of lame wads.hahah.i really hope i can go next year. wooo!london paris and amsterdam.hahahahaaaa. cant wait!!!!

so many stories, so little time.
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[optional] [Apr. 7th, 2004|08:55 pm]
julie ruin
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |strawberry gashes]

will anything ever be good enough for you?

"Poor Impulse Control"

I envy your demise
I hope it's all you dreamed it would be
One bullet in this gun
Not sure if it's for you or me

I envy your demise
With all the guilt you hid away
All the lies that I had spun
And all the times I wished you'd stay

Now, all that I'll ever suffer
All that I'll ever be
All that I'll ever ruin
You can always cover me with makeup

I envy your demise
Seven hundred and fifty degrees
When it burned it smelled like you
But it scorched and looked a lot like me

I envy your demise
You never said that you'd try
When I had to lose control
Lose control to really cry

Now, all that I'll ever abuse
All that I'll ever see
All that I'll ever ruin
You can always cover it with makeup

All that I'll ever limit
All that I'll ever try
All that I'll ever trust
You can always cover it with

All that I'll ever abuse
All that I'll ever see
All that I'll ever ruin
You can always cover it with makeup

"Strawberry Gashes"

Turn her over
A candle is lit, I see through her
Blow it out and save all her ashes for me

Curse me sold her
The poison that runs it's course through her
Pale white skin with strawberry gashes all over all over

Watch me fault her
You're living like a disaster
She said kill me faster
with strawberry gashes all over

Called her over
and asked her if she was improving
She said "feels fine" it's wonderful wonderful here

Hex me told her
I dreamt of a devil that knew her
Pale white skin with strawberry gashes all over all over

Watch me fault her
You're living like a disaster
She said kill me faster
with strawberry gashes all over

I lay quiet
waiting for her voice to say
"Some things you lose and some things you just give away"

Scold me failed her
If only I'd held on tighter to her
Pale white skin that twisted and withered away from me away from me

Watch me lose her
It's almost like losing myself
Give her my soul
and let them take somebody else get away from me

Watch me fault her
You're living like a disaster
She said kill me faster
with strawberry gashes all over all over me
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call me julie ruin [Apr. 1st, 2004|09:38 am]
julie ruin
cuz i ruin too many lives.

noone should bother with me.

*these lovely lovely strawberry gashes*
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